Loyola University Medical Education Network Dissection of the Face

Step 1
Carefully remove the skin to expose the muscles of facial expression, facial nerve, parotid gland and duct, facial artery, and superficial temporal artery.
Each of the steps in the dissection includes more specific instructions for the dissection of that step. The buttons below provide lists of all the structures that will be dissected in this session.


Step 2
Reflect the masseter muscle on one side only. Use the other side for dissection of the superficial face.
Step 3
Reflect the temporalis muscle to expose the infratemporal fossa.
Step 4
Remove the lateral pterygoid muscle to expose the branches of the maxillary artery and mandibular nerve.

John A. McNulty, Ph.D.
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2011
Created: Mar 1, 1996