Loyola University Medical Education Network Dissection of the Anterior Neck

Step 1
Skin the anterior triangle. Locate the cutaneous branches of the cervical plexus. Review your dissection of the posterior triangle
Each of the steps in the dissection includes more specific instructions for the dissection of that step. The buttons below provide lists of all the structures that will be dissected in this session.


Step 2
Dissect the ansa cervicales, and reflect the strap muscles exposing the thyroid gland.
Step 3
Dissect the contents of the carotid and submandibular triangles.
Step 4
One one side only, reflect the sternomastoid muscle and dissect the root of the neck.

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John A. McNulty, Ph.D.
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2013
Created: Dec 30, 1996