Case 1:

48-year-old man with continuous palpitations for the past 8 days. He felt lightheaded initially, but currently denies this. He denies dyspnea at rest, but is only able to do half of his usual amount of exertion. He has had palpitations intermittently for 4 years, but they have always stopped within 12 hours.


Medical History:  Crohn’s disease (currently controlled)



Vitals:      T afebrile   HR 140-160    BP 148/90    RR18

HEENT     Uremarkable

Neck:      Mild symmetrical fullness.   No JVD

Lungs:     Clear

CV:          Variable intensity S1, Normal S2, no S3, no rub or murmur

Abd:        unremarkable

Ext:         No edema, pulses 2+


EKG:                See Figure #1


EKG:           See Figure #1