Questions for Discussion with answers:

  1. Describe the epidemiology of Breast Cancer.  Answer
  2. What are the known risk factors for developing breast cancer?  Answer
  3. What is BRCA 1 and BRCA 2? What is its clinical significance?  Answer
  4. What are the usual presenting signs and symptoms of breast cancer?  Answer
  5. What is the differential diagnosis of a breast mass?  Answer
  6. What are estrogen and progesterone receptors and their clinical significance?  Answer
  7. What are important Prognostic factors in early breast cancer?  Answer
  8. What are predictive factors in Breast Cancer.  Answer
  9. What is adjuvant chemotherapy and the principles involved?  Answer
  10. What options of adjuvant Chemotherapy does a patient with node positive disease have today?  Answer
  11. What are the side effects of systemic adjuvant chemotherapy?  Answer
  12. What are the benefits of adjuvant chemotherapy and hormonal therapy in breast cancer?  Answer