Questions for Discussion:

  1. What are the risk groups for HIV infection?
  2. What other questions should be asked in his Medical History, social history, and review of systems that are pertinent to HIV infection?   What risk factors lead to complications in HIV disease?
  3. What are the symptoms and signs of the acute retroviral syndrome?   How is the acute retroviral syndrome managed?
  4. What is the significance of the adenopathy?   Develop a differential diagnosis.
  5. What aspects of the physical examination are particularly important in HIV infected individuals?
  6. Which patients in your primary care clinic should you recommend HIV testing? Is consent for testing required?   What are the elements of pretest counseling; of posttest counseling?   What is the value of Western blot for testing for HIV?
  7. How should you counsel the patient regarding HIV transmission?
  8. What other tests should be ordered at this initial stage of evaluation?