Questions for Discussion:

  1. What is the risk of acquiring hepatitis from blood transfusions?  What kinds of hepatitis can be transmitted via transfusion?  What reduces this risk?
  2. What problem are you observing in this patient at this time?  What do the ultrasound findings tell you?  What would you do for this patient at this time?
  3. What is the likely diagnosis at this time?  Defend your diagnosis.
  4. What information would be gained from a liver biopsy?  What information would be gained from an UGI endoscopy?
  5. What treatment might you consider for this patient?  Is the patient infectious to family members?  To sexual partners?  To health care providers?  What precautions should be taken?
  6. What are common complications of chronic liver and what strategies are available to prevent these?  What is the role of hepatic transplantation in this setting?
  7. What is your differential diagnosis and plan?
  8. What is your differential diagnosis and what should be done to investigate fever
  9. Please interpret fluid analysis.  What causes mental status changes and how should it be treated.
  10. What is the possible cause for decline in renal function and how to differentiate?