Questions for Discussion:

  1. Create a problem list for Mrs. Walker's acute presentation and a differential diagnosis of her mental status changes.  Answer   
  2. Write her admitting orders and plans for diagnosis and management over the next day or two. Answer
  3. What other laboratory tests or studies are indicated?   Does she need an emergent CT scan? Answer
  4. What plan would you make to manage her confusion?   Should she be restrained?   Should she receive any sedating medication? Answer
  5. Shortly after admission, Mrs. Walker's three sons, a state policeman, a Marine Corps major, and a lawyer,   come to the hospital.   They are all upset about their mother and want to know what is wrong with her, why she is ‘acting crazy', will she get better, and what you will do to make her better.   How will you respond? Answer
  6. How does the information about Mrs. Walker's pre-morbid functional status influence your diagnosis? Answer