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Session 3 (V. Freeman)

Outline of the Formal Clinical Decision Making Process

This session will focus on what is known about the etiology of prostate cancer, current recommendations for screening, the role of informed consent in screening, methods to confirm the diagnosis, and the options for therapy.

Prostate cancer has increased in incidence dramatically over the last several decades. Unfortunately, progress in identifying factors which will be the focus of preventive efforts, and the ability to screen for latent disease, has been slow in coming.

At the present time, the primary challenge from the clinical perspective is the appropriate role for screening, and the subsequent choice of therapy. In this session, we will use formal decision trees to demonstrate the value of using an explicit process for reaching decision in complex clinical settings.

PLEASE NOTE: Handouts will be passed out at this lecture.



Last Updated: February 9, 1999
Created: February 9, 1999