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Attendance is expected at all functions of the Subinternship, including orientations, case discussions, floor and unit rounds, teaching sessions on Tuesdays, feedback sessions (when scheduled), OSCEs, and written examinations. Absences from duty or any required activities must be reported according to school policy. If an absence is necessary, students must notify the hospital and service to which they are assigned, as well as others affected by the absence. Absences of three days or more due to illness need to be reported to the Loyola Student Health Service before returning to the floor or unit. Students can expect no more than 3 days off within a Subinternship rotation.

During the coming academic year, seniors taking part in the Subinternship will be on duty and/or on call on Saturdays and Sundays during a rotation, and on the following holidays, at the discretion of their hospital/service.

Columbus Day                                  St. Luke's Day
Veterans' Day                                   Martin Luther King Day

Subinterns will be off duty/call on the following days/dates, regardless of hospital/service:

July 4th                                             Winter Break
Labor Day                                          Match Day (seniors only)
Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Good Friday

Scheduling residency interviews during Subinternship rotations should be avoided, if possible. If such interviews must be scheduled during one of the Subinternship rotations, the following rules apply.

Subinterns must utilize their days off during the rotation for interviews. Subinterns will be allowed a maximum of THREE DAYS leave of absence for residency interviews per four week rotation. These three days include weekdays and weekend days. Exceptions to this MUST be discussed with the hospital Site Coordinator and the Subinternship Director prior to the absence. ALL leaves of absence for residency interviews must be approved in advance.

Prior to ANY leave of absence, students must do each of the following:

Inform their service and arrange for coverage of patient responsibilities and call.

Obtain, complete, and sign a “REQUEST FOR SUBINTERNSHIP LEAVE OF ABSENCE FOR RESIDENCY INTERVIEWS” form and return it to the hospital Site Coordinator's office at the assigned hospital AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to the leave. These forms are available in the Medicine Education office at each site, and a copy is included in this manual (see below).

Get the leave of absence form signed by the hospital Site Coordinator and the service attending physician.

Deliver one copy of the leave of absence form to the hospital Site Coordinator's office, and one copy must be delivered to the Medical Education Office (Bldg. 102, Room 7613) with a copy of the invitation to interview. Students should keep one copy of the form for their records.

Failure to comply with this procedure may result in a grade of Incomplete for that rotation.

UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS will be reviewed at the General Orientation at the beginning of the senior year. At each site, the hospital's specific policy will be reviewed. Be careful and be knowledgeable of both LUMC's and other hospitals' policies regarding needle sticks, exposures to blood and bodily fluids, and treatment for such exposures.




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