Case  #1 Questions:

  1. What is “normal body temperature”?
  2. What is a Fever of Unknown Origin?
  3. What general categories of illness account for the majority of FUO cases?
  4. What is the most critical feature of the evaluation of a patient with FUO?
  5. What diagnostic tests should be considered in the evaluation of a patient with FUO?
  6. What further laboratory evaluations should be obtained at this time?
  7. What are the causes of postoperative fever?
  8. What evaluation should be undertaken in diagnosing the cause of postoperative fever ?
  9. What are common sites of infection in neutropenic hosts?
  10. What are the predisposing factors to development of a neutropenic fever?
  11. What are the common organisms responsible for bacteremia?
  12. What antimicrobials should be used for empiric therapy?
  13. Should vancomycin be part of the initial empiric regimen?
  14. Which antimicrobials would be most appropriate?
  15. What should be your next intervention?
  16. For which organ isms might we attempt to treat a catheter associated infection without removing the tunneled catheter? For what infections should a central venous catheter be removed?