Case #2:

40 year old woman with vaginal/anal cancer is discharged from the hospital. She needs to receive daily radiation therapy for six weeks. She is married and has two children ages 4 and 9. Her husband works during the day time and carries the insurance but he only receives the insurance benefit if he works full-time - 40 hours per week. He will not be fired from his job, if he takes time off, but the time will not be counted as his 40 hours. It is known that after about 2-2-1/2 weeks of radiation, Mrs. Y. will find it very uncomfortable to sit and will have irritation of the lower bowel, vaginal and anal area. She will experience pain in urination and elimination and will undoubtedly wish to remain off her feet when at home. Maternal family lives out of state. Paternal family all hold full time jobs.