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General Information

The Subinternship is comprised of two one-month clinical experiences between July and April of the senior year. All students will have one inpatient ward rotation and one intensive care unit rotation. The two rotations usually will not be scheduled during contiguous months. Floor rotations will occur at Foster G. McGaw Hospital (LUMC), Edward Hines Jr. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Hospital (HVA), Gottlieb Hospital (GOTT), or West Suburban Hospital (WS). Unit rotations will occur at LUMC, HVA, Central DuPage Hospital  (CDH), Resurrection Hospital (RES), and WS Hospital. Service assignments have been scheduled for the entire year. Students will receive a grade for each rotation.


On the first day of each rotation there will be an orientation at Loyola followed by case discussions. Students should report to their respective hospital assignments on the second day of the rotation at the location and times listed unless otherwise noted:

HVA BLDG 200, ROOM 1447                                        8:00 AM
GOTT BIRTH CENTER - 2ND FLR                              7:00 AM
WS SUITE L700 , MAIN HOSPITAL                             7:45 AM

Schedules are made by/at each hospital and will be obtained when students report to their assigned hospitals. Subinterns may be on-call no more than every fourth night. Students should not work more than 30 hours in a row nor more than 80 hours/week. Students can expect no more than 3 days off within a Subinternship rotation.


Each rotation has a core curriculum. The curriculum involves six unit case discussion seminars and six floor case discussion seminars. All case discussion seminars are conducted at LUMC on the first day of the rotation. Students are expected to attend all seminars and, in preparation for each, do the required reading, carefully consider the case, and attempt to answer the “Questions for Discussion” associated with each case. A copy of all 12 cases along with the “Questions...” is included in Sections II and III of this manual and also available on the LUMEN website. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to review the online cases in the CDIM curriculum.

Each rotation will end with an online examination with the primary focus on the core curriculum, as well as a set of standardized exercises in the Clinical Skills Center.  

According to school policy (see Academic Policy Manual II) , all students are obliged to take required clerkship examinations on the date , time , and place specified by the department. Exceptions to this policy may be granted for:

  1. reasons of illness, which must be documented by a note from a physician and/or report from the Student Health Office at Loyola addressed to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.
  2. any other emergency situation in which evidence can be provided to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to justify absence from a scheduled examination.

Students excused from an examination by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for an acceptable reason are responsible for making arrangements with the Department of Medicine to take a make-up exam within thirty days of their return or as soon as a make-up exam is offered by the department. Unauthorized absence from an examination normally will result in a grade of zero for that examination, the consequence of which in almost all cases is course failure. Changes in the examination schedule for individual students will not be granted.


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