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This is a 68 y/0 man with prostate

carcinoma and a PSA of 127.

Radionuclide bone imaging is the best method to survey the skeleton for evidence of metastatic spread of tumors which frequently go to bone. These tumors include breast carcinoma in women and prostate carcinoma in men. Other tumors which frequently go to bone include lung carcinoma, renal carcinoma and GI maligancies.

Bone Biopsy

Bone scans can be used to localized specific lesions for biopsy. This is most often used to localize rib abnormalities. The position of the lesion is marked on the skin using a lead marker. After the portion of the bone has been removed, the piece can be reimaged to confirm that the abnormal portion of the bone was removed.

Note the lesion in the posterior left 10th rib.

The abnormality has been covered with a round piece of lead. Note the "cold" spot which results,

This is the portion of the rib which was removed. Note the hot spot at the top of the bone fragment.


Gary L Dillehay, M.D.

Last Updated: August 15, 1996
Created: August 12, 1996