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Dose Calibration

Finally, there is the NRC and State requirement that every dose of every radiopharmaceutical must be calibrated before administration to the patient and that the dose be within ±10% of the prescribed dose. This calibration is an additional assurance that the patient's radiation dose will be as low as possible, consistent with producing high-quality images. Prescribed doses can only be changed by a physician and the change must be noted on the requisition form. Administration of a diagnostic dose not within 50% of the prescribed dose, or of the incorrect radiopharmaceutical or to the wrong patient, or by an unprescribed route, is no longer classified as a reportable misadministration unless the whole body dose exceeds 5 R or a single organ dose exceeds 50 R.


Stephen Karesh, PhD.

Last Updated: August 14, 1996
Created: March 1, 1996