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1. Prior to shipping the generator to the Nuclear Medicine Department, Mo-99 sodium molybdate is immobilized on a column of alumina (Al2O3; aluminum oxide) due to its very high affinity for alumina.

2. 0.9% saline solution (the eluant) is passed through the column and sodium pertechnetate, the daughter of Mo-99 decay, is eluted from the column due to its almost total lack of affinity for alumina.

3. The pertechnetate is collected in a shielded, evacuated sterile vial and calibrated prior to use. It is referred to as the eluate.

4. Quantitative removal of pertechnetate is attributed to the lack of affinity of pertechnetate for alumina, whereas molybdate is essentially completely and irreversibly bound to the alumina.

5. When eluting the generator, the elution volume should be carefully controlled so a relatively constant radioconcentration is obtained every day.


Stephen Karesh, PhD.

Last Updated: August 14, 1996
Created: March 1, 1996