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Antigen/antibody reaction

One of the newer mechanisms to consider is the antigen/antibody reaction. In this case, highly purified radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies with high specificity for a particular antigen are injected intravenously and imaged at a later point in time, often 1-3 days post injection. For example, In-111 Oncoscint CR/OV, a monoclonal antibody specific for TAG-72.3, a tumor-associated glycoprotein expressed by colorectal and ovarian carcinomas, has been very useful in evaluating recurrence of these diseases. There are a variety of these radiolabeled antibodies in clinical trials, both diagnostic and therapeutic, for a wide variety of diseases such as lung carcinoma, prostate and breast cancer, and venous thrombosis.


Stephen Karesh, PhD.

Last Updated: August 14, 1996
Created: March 1, 1996