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Students will be evaluated within all 4 modules (Clinical, Simulation, Ultrasound, Didactic).

  • Clinical - We have developed an evaluation form based on 6 Core Competencies. Students will be responsible for giving these forms to EM faculty they work with during any given shift and have assigned more than 2 patients with the faculty. Students will be expected to obtain a minimum of 11 forms (1 for each shift).  The attendings will file the completed forms.  These forms will be collected and tallied.  

  • Simulation - It is important to keep the atmosphere for simulation safe and constructive for students. Introducing rigorous performance assessment measures will create a barrier to this safe environment that allows students to openly discuss the case and care for the patient. Often simulated cases are created to stretch the students' knowledge and this is reinforced with immediate case specific formative feedback in the debriefing session. We do however plan to evaluate students based on their communication skills. We will purposefully avoid evaluating them on the basis of medical knowledge. Separately, for procedural task training, faculty will employ deliberate practice and mastery learning techniques and students will be assessed on their final ability to competently perform a given task.

  • Ultrasound - Students will receive real-time instruction and formative feedback from EM faculty. We plan to employ deliberate practice and mastery learning techniques and students will be assessed on their final ability to properly use the ultrasound device and identify given structures.

  • Didactic - As part of the assessment of students' professionalism, they will be expected to attend all didactic sessions.

As a different way of looking at assessment, students will be evaluated based on all 6 core competencies:

  • Medical Knowledge - final exam, clinical shift module

  • Interpersonal and communication skills - clinical shift module, simulation module

  • Professionalism, Moral Reasoning, and Ethical Judgment - clinical shift module,
    simulation module, ultrasound module, didactic module

  • Clinical Skills and Patient Care - clinical shift module, procedural task training, ultrasound module

  • Lifelong Learning, Problem Solving, and Personal Growth - clinical shift module

  • Social and Community Context of Healthcare - clinical shift module, narrative

Students can schedule a time with the EM coordinator to view a summary compilation of these evaluations.




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