The CD will strive to collaborate with the approved VIC, thus enhancing both curricula.

Disaster Preparedness, End of Life, Prevention and Screening and Radiology are all

inherent parts of EM. Improved recognition of emergency care and the operation of

an ED will bolster student disaster preparedness. End of life issues will be encountered

every day in the ED and there will be a Simulation case to reaffirm. Opportunities to

emphasize Prevention and Screening occur with nearly every patient in the ED and

students will be able to proactively take the lead on this. All aspects of Radiology are

an integral part of EM. Students will choose appropriate tests and interpret them

independently in real time for undifferentiated patients while being supervised and

receiving formative instruction from EMS faculty. Students will also have the opportunity

to employ US for point of care evaluation and procedural performance.







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