Grading and Evaluation


Your final clerkship grade will be based upon a variety of factors.

  Clinical Evaluation                                                                              (determined by the level of competencies achieved -50 pts. possible) 45% of grade
   Biopsychosocial (10 pts. possible) 7.5% of grade
  Evidence-Based Medicine (10 pts. possible) 7.5% of grade
  < 4 points on either assignment = fail  
  Examination 30% of grade
  (30 pts. possible - 100 multiple choice questions = .3 each)  
  Points calculated by multiplying number correct by .3  
  <20 pts. = fail  
  Clinical Skills Exercise (4 pts. possible) 10% of grade
  <65 pts. = fail  

Final Grade:

91 -100 points = honors
86 - 90 points = high pass
65 - 85 points = pass
< 65 points total = fail

Students scoring less than 65% on the examination, but passing the clinical portion, must remediate the exam only. Students failing either of the assignments will have to remediate the assignment. Students failing the clinical portion only must remediate the clinical rotation, and complete a short answer test at the end of the remediation. Other remediation assignments will be determined on a case-by-case basis according to the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Remediation policies can be accessed online at: