Course Objectives

Curricular Objectives:

By the end of their third year it is expected that the students will be able to:

-         List the characteristics of screening tests in both ideal and real time settings.

-         Cite the operating characteristics of screening tests (sensitivity, specificity).

-         Describe impact of disease prevalence on predictive values (positive & negative).

-         Recognize the target populations to be screened for various conditions, and describe when screening should commence and cease.

-         Analyze the cost/benefit and risk/benefit variables for screening modalities.

-         Cite the levels of evidence (quality of evidence) associated with recommendations and guidelines.

-         Rank research experiments according to a determined hierarchy of experimental study design.

-         Recite by specialty and by patient population, the current recommendations for screening, disease prevention and health maintenance.

-         Demonstrate ability to assess risk factors for disease, and provide counseling on health maintenance.

-         List the societal implications (positive and adverse) of screening for disease and efforts to promote health and prevent disease occurrence.