Pediatric Clerkship

Syllabus: BRIGHT FUTURES -Pocket Guide:
Table of Contents
Infancy 0-11 mos
Early Childhood 1-4
Mid Childhood 5-10
Adolescence 11-21
Immunization Schedule
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Clerkship Self-Assessment Test


 AAP Recommendations on Pediatric Screening and Health Maintenance

 AAP [Link to American Academy of Pediatrics]


USPSTF Recommendations
[Listed below are the required topics for health maintenance, prevention and screening in the Pediatric Clerkship]

Breastfeeding: Counseling (2003)

Dental Caries in Preschool Children: Screening (2004)

Family Violence: Screening (2004)

Gonorrhea: Screening (2005)

Hearing, Newborn: Screening (2001)

Hemoglobinopathies: Screening (1996)

Household and Recreational Injuries: Counseling (1996)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection:
Screening (2005) / Counseling (1996)

Immunizations, Childhood: Immunizations (1996)

Intrapartum Electronic Fetal Monitoring: Screening (1996)

Lead Levels in Childhood and Pregnancy: Screening (1996)

Motor Vehicle Injuries: Counseling (1996)

Overweight in Children and Adolescents: Screening (2005)

Phenylketonuria: Screening (1996)

Physical Activity: Counseling (2002)

Rh Incompatibility: Screening (2004)

Visual Impairment in Children Ages 0-5: Screening (2004)

Youth Violence: Counseling (1996)