Nutrition in Medicine Online Modules

A portion of the nutrition curriculum at Stritch is self-study with the aid of nationally recognized, validated online modules. These modules were created at UNC-Chapel Hill as a result of an educational grant.

You may access the modules at You will need to register first and then use the access code ‘loyolanutr’ to complete the modules. Modules will average about 60 minutes each and at the conclusion of each you will take small examination. The scores from these examinations will go into determining if you pass the nutrition component of Topics in Clinical Medicine.

It is expected that you will complete the modules in the schedule as they are listed below, approximately when you are studying the same topic in the listed course.

Patient Centered Medicine 1
Behavior change counseling

Function of the Human Body
Sports nutrition: fuel metabolism
Metabolic stress and starvation
Micronutrient review


Mechanisms of Human Disease
CVD: hypertension
CVD: lipoproteins

Patient Centered Medicine 2

Family Medicine
DM: nutritional mechanisms
DM: dietary management
Geriatric x2

Young children
School age children
Pediatric overweight x2

Obstetrics and Gynecology
During lactation
In pregnancy

Internal Medicine
Nutrition support




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