The Need for Preparation

Radioactive materials are commonplace in our society. The unique properties of radiation make it useful in a variety of applications. Some of these uses include the creation of extremely accurate clocks, the sterilization of materials, laboratory DNA sequencing, determining metal fatigue in airplanes, and producing large amounts of electricity. The application of radioactive material is so widespread, that it would be impossible for society to exist as we know it without these agents. If we are to reap the benefit of such technology, we are also obligated to safely produce, use, and store these materials and their waste products.

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It has been estimated that of the 500 billion packages are transported every year, approximately 2.75 million contain materials that are radioactive. In view of this large number, and the statistical probability of an accident that hospitals be prepared to receive patients who may have been exposed to or are contaminated with radioactive materials.

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