Patient Exit

Once the patient is stabilized, samples obtained, and decontaminated, it is time to transfer the patient to a more definitive care unit. A total body frisk for contamination is performed prior to the exit. Once it is determined that the patient has been completely decontaminated, clean Herculite can be rolled into the room creating a clean pathway similar to that used for portable x-rays. A clean cart is rolled in taking care to remain on the clean pathway. Similarly, new hospital personnel enter the room, also being careful not to step off the pathway. Gloves and booties should suffice at this point to prevent accidental contamination of the entering staff.

A clean team transfer is then performed and the clean cart, patient and new staff exit the REA. The wheels of the cart, and the hands and feet of the staff should be checked for contamination. Once cleared, they are free to travel anywhere within the hospital to transport the patient to a definitive care site. Should there be contamination present on the wheels, hands or feet, it can usually be removed by local cleaning or removing the gloves and booties.

Persistent areas of contamination that may not be removed should be bandaged and labeled as contaminated. These bandages should be changed under the supervision of a radiation safety officer so that proper disposal is performed. Usually, by bandaging a site and waiting several hours, local sweating releases much of the contamination.

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