Sources of Information

Radiation Management Consultants - Based out of Philadelphia, this private business has worked with hospitals and nuclear power plants to coordinate the treatment of patients with severe injuries and contamination for over 25 years. The largest private business of its kind, it emphasizes education of the hospital staff through lectures and training. Annual drills are performed in conjunction with the power facilities and are often supervised by FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency). The company can be contacted at 215-824-1300.

REAC/TS - Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site is based in Oak Ridge, TN. A part of the Medical Sciences Division of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), REAC/TS is funded by the Department of Energy and keeps a registry of all radiation accidents world wide. REAC/TS conducts training courses at various levels for medical professionals throughout the year. Members of the staff have participated in the management of many of the worlds most severe nuclear accidents. REAC/TS can be contacted at 615-576-9522.

National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements - The NCRP has published several documents with regards to radiation exposure and contamination. Several that were particularly useful were:

  1. NCRP Report # 46 - Alpha-Emitting Particles in Lungs
  2. NCRP Report # 55 - Protection of the Thyroid Gland in the Event of Releases of Radioiodine.
  3. NCRP Report # 65 - Management of Persons Accidentally Contaminated With Radionuclides.

Medical Management of Radiation Accidents - Mettler FA, Kelsey CA, and Ricks RC, eds. Boca Raton, FL: CRC, 1990.

Treatment of Radiation Exposure and Contamination - Wagner RH, Boles MA, and Henkin RE. Radiographics 14:387-396, 1994.