An Embedded Particle

While performing routine maintainence in a contaminated area, a technician is replacing a faulty pipe valve. The removal of the valve is difficult and requires considerable force and a large wrench to loosen it. The pipe breaks as the technician is trying to loosen it and he cuts his left hand on a sharp edge.

The technician is brought to the plant infirmary and the wound examined by the nurse. The wound is 3 cm in length, deep and in the hypothenar region of the hand. The nurse determines that there is normal sensation and good circulation to the fingers with easily controlled venous bleeding. She decides that the technician should be sent to the local hospital for evaluation and primary closure of the wound. She attempts to decontaminate the wound by using serial washings with a mild antiseptic solution. After three washings, the activity remains at 3000 counts per minute. She notifies the local hosptial and asks for guidance.

As the physician on call in the emergency room your decision is: