Nutrition - Educational Resources

Course/Clerkship Materials:


Behavioral Medicine and Development:

Lecture: Obesity


Function of Human Body:

Lectures: Nutrition 1-3



Mechanisms of Human Disease:

Lecture: Pathology of Anemia 2 (anemias of iron, B12 and folate deficiency)


Lecture: Malabsorption


Pharmacology and Therapeutics:

Lecture: Botanicals and Dietary Supplements


Obstetrics-Gynecology Clerkship:



Neurology Clerkship:

Nutritional issues in Neurology Patients


PCM 3:


Loyola Formulary Card

List of Loyola Diets

General & Enteral Nutrition Sample Handout

LUMC Nutrition Assessment & Screening Policy

External Resources: 2015-2020 dietary guidelines


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Nutrition in Medicine (NIM)

Access to the NIM modules, easy steps outlined.

Access Code:   “loyolanutr”


Course Modules:

CVD Hypertension and Other Risk Factors

CVD: Cholesterol Lowering with Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes: Nutritional Mechanisms

Diabetes: Dietary Management

Nutrition for Young Children

Nutrition for School Age Children

Nutrition during Infancy

Nutrition during Lactation

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Nutrition and Aging: Chronic Disease

Nutrition and Aging: Special Needs

Obesity: Basic and Clinical

Pediatric Overweight: Etiology & Screening

Pediatric Overweight: Assessment & Intervention

Sports Nutrition: Fuel Metabolism

Metabolic Stress and Starvation

Nutrition Support

Micronutrients Review

SHORT Behavior Change Counseling