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Aliya N. Husain, M.D.
B. Common histologic stains
H&EHematoxylin and eosin. Cytoplasm is pink and nuclei are blue. Used routinely for light microscopy.
GMSGomorri Methenamine Silver. Stains fungi including pneumocystis, black. Counterstain is green.
AFBAcid Fast Bacilli (Ziehl-Neelson) AFB are stained pink/red. Counterstain is blue.
FiteModified AFB stain. Acid is dilute so weakly acid fast organisms eg atypical mycobacteria can be stained - colors are same as in AFB stain.
Auramine-RhodamineFluorescent dye visualized under ultraviolet light. Rapid screening, usually used for smears.
EVGElastic Van Gieson. Stains elastic tissue black. Counterstain varies from yellow to pink.
TrichromeMasson trichrome most commonly used. Stains collagen (fibrous tissue) blue and muscle red.
Immunoperoxidase"Brown stain." Section of tissue on glass slide is layered with primary antibody which may be monoclonal or polyclonal. Antigen-antibody reaction is then detected by peroxidase-labeled antibody. The color reaction is brown. Occasionally a red color reaction is used. Counterstain is hematoxylin (blue). The specificity lies not in the color but in the primary antibody used.