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This project is designed to network medical education on the World Wide Web (WWW). Our specific goals are to:

  1. Improve the integration of basic and clinical science curricular content
  2. Enhance access to the explosive increase in medical information worldwide
  3. Encourage self-directed learning
  4. Nourish intellectual interactions
  5. Prepare students for future technological advances
  6. Encourage the development of computer-aided instruction.

Hypertext modeling in HTML provides a flexible and powerful communication medium because of its universal content format. HTML is easy to use, simple and abides by universal data standards. More recent technological advances have continued to enhance web-based applications for computer-aided instruction.

The acronym LUMEN was selected because we view it as the 'passageway' through which students and faculty will traverse the network. It also represents the core through which our medical school activities are 'illuminated'. Central to the design of LUMEN is your ability to access information intuitively. Accordingly, we have developed various search engines to enhance the ability to locate relevant information quickly and efficiently

John A. McNulty and Baltazar Espiritu, Nov 1993


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