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LUMEN Steering Committee


Committee Functions This committee is responsible for all operational procedures and policies related to LUMEN. The scope of the committee's activities can be gleaned from the content of this manual.

Web page standards Top

Uniformity of presentation of information facilitates retrieval of information from the network. However, the committee understands the need for flexibility in design of computer-aided instructional projects with specific learning objectives. With this in mind, we have developed the following standards:
  • Course/Clerkship "home pages" will use the following template.
  • HTML's that contain course descriptions (e.g., schedules, handouts, reading assignments, etc.) will use the following template.
  • The design of other content will be at the discretion of the faculty developer assuming that appropriate evaluations are conducted.

Policies on development updates and maintenance Top

It is important that LUMEN content be maintained and kept up-to-date. Accordingly, each HTML and CAI unit will include a "date created" and "last updated" date and "person to contact". This information will be entered into the LUMEN Lesson database to facilitate monitoring compliance with this policy. The LUMEN Steering Committee will occasionally check the database to minimize out-of-date materials. Developers and/or Course Directors will be notified of any document that has not been updated in more than 2 years. It will be their responsibility to review the materials and change the "last updated" in the document and the database to ensure that the information is current.

Copyright Top

The materials in LUMEN pages are protected by United States Copyright Law. The copyright for these photographs is described above. This copyright reserves all rights under Federal Law and unlicensed commercial use or publication of these photographs is strictly prohibited. We also prohibit the production of derivative works from LUMEN materials made either digitally or photographically or by any other process. The following copyright policies apply to LUMEN.
  • LUMEN retains copyright to all content included on the server except under special circumstances allowed by the LUMEN Steering Committee. Developers of CAI are asked to sign a Release Form* that transfers copyright to LUMEN at the time it is placed on the server.
  • LUMEN abides by SSOM regulations pertaining to the use of copyrighted materials. Basically, any materials that are copyrighted by other parties are not allowed on the server without written permission from the party holding the copyright.

*(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Ownership of materials Top

All developers of CAI in LUMEN are acknowledged for the contributions and may consider these materials to be their "intellectual property". Although LUMEN holds the copyright to those materials, the LUMEN Steering Committee will agree to license them to any publisher with which the developer might wish to negotiate for inclusion in any publication.

Rights to Directories Top

Rights to directories on LUMEN are strictly controlled to minimize unintentional mistakes that could cause serious disruption of the website (e.g., deleting documents).

  • Access to course directories on CALL1 - Course/Clerkship Directors, Educational Specialist, or other designate of Course/Clerkship Director.
  • Access to subdirectories on CALL1 - Faculty who developed specific CAI applications.
  • Access to development directories on CALLSQL2 - Faculty/students/staff who are currently developing CAI for LUMEN.

Specific questions and requests for network access should be directed to Greg Klitz, Web Development Office (X65376). In order to be granted access to the WWW server, you must have an ID on the LUMC, LUHS, SSOM, or STARFLEET domains. If you do not have an ID on any of the above domains one will be created for you. 

Use of LUMEN images and other materials Top

Our policy has always been to provide LUMEN materials through the Internet for use by students and faculty at other institutions. Those who wish to use specific multimedia files for other than personal use may request permission to do so if: 1) they agree to acknowledge LUMEN as the source, and 2) they do not distribute the materials. Fees for licensing of LUMEN content for other uses are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

You can obtain permission to use specific applications by contacting the Webmaster. We are always looking for new and interesting commercial applications for LUMEN.

Databases Top

Several databases have been developed to facilitate searching the LUMEN website and to help manage content. These databases include:

Use of Web Forums Top

The Steering Committee reviewed a number of applications and selected "Web Board" for use by courses and clerkship for threaded discussions by students and faculty. Instructions on how to post, how to embed multimedia files, and other applications can be found in the FAQ section.

Evaluation Top

Evaluation of LUMEN materials (especially CAI) is important for maintaining quality of content. Evaluation of CAI is monitored and facilitated by the LUMEN Steering Committee, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the faculty developer to evaluate the materials.

Evaluation includes the following:

  • Content - generally through review by other content experts
  • Design - some examples include size and quality of multimedia, navigation, and organization. An evaluation form has been developed for this purpose. Students employed by the Office of Computers in Education (OCE) are available
  • Utilization and possibly summative - A general principle is that the extent of use of CAO by students in the course reflects its importance and value. One advantage of web-based delivery of CAI is the ability to collect these data.

Who to contact Top

If you have specific questions on policies or procedures not addressed in this manual, you may contact any member of the LUMEN Steering Committee


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