Bacteroides and Other Anaerobes

David Hecht, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine and Microbiology
Division of Infectious Diseases

  1. What are the function(s) of gram negative anaerobes in the normal host?

  2. What would the contents of an intraabdominal abscess include?

  3. What are the most frequently isolated aerobic and anaerobic organisms cultured from intraabdominal abscesses?

  4. In what anatomical locations are anaerobic infections found, and which anaerobic genus (in general) is associated with that location?

  5. What are the principle mechanisms of virulence used by Bacteroides, and what role do they play in infection?

  6. What toxins (if any) are known to be produced by gram negative anaerobes, and which genus(es) are they associated with?

  7. Which gram negative anaerobes usually produce -lactamases? What is the therapeutic significance of -lactamase producers.

  8. Which antibiotics are most effective against anaerobes (those that generally demonstrate <10% resistance)?

  9. What are the two principles of management of a patient with an anaerobic/mixed infection with abscess?
Last Updated: March 14, 1996
Created: May 30, 1996