1. Build a problem list based on the Hx, Px and lab data.  What diseases have a higher probability of causing these clinical problems in this patient, especially when cough and shortness of breath are present together? Why?       My list

2. What is the basis for chronic bronchitis?  Do we have to consider other possibilities?   Answer

3. Is his occupation important? What are the risks of his occupation ?  Answer

Explain the pathogenesis of the following clinical findings:

11.  What is the nature of respiratory infection?    Answer

12. Correlate and explain the laboratory data.  Answer

13. How do you interpret his ABG.  Answer

14. The results of the sputum culture are pending. What do you expect the results to be? What is the rationale, if any, for ordering sputum culture? Answer

15. Interpret his CXR? Describe any abnormalities and correlate with the clinical problem.  (close the window to return) Answer

16. Explain the significance, if any, of the results of spirometry.   Answer

17. Determine the rate, rhythm and axis of the patient's electrocardiogram. Describe any abnormalities and correlate with the clinical problem. (Close the window to return)  Answer

18. What is your diagnosis based upon the data given in the history and physical examination and lab data.  Answer

19. Describe the pathologic changes that you would expect to find in this patient. Answer



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