1. Identify the treatable problems in this patient.      My list

2. How do you treat chronic bronchitis?   Answer

3. What advise can you give regards his occupation?  Answer

4. How will you correct his hypoxia?     Answer

5. How can you reduce his work of breathing?   Answer

6. How will you treat his CHF?  Answer

7. What can you do to treat Emphysema?  Answer

8. What bronchodilators will you use? Explain the significance, if any, of the results of spirometry   Answer

9. What is the role for steroids?    Answer

10. How will you correct Pulmonary hypertension?   Answer

11.  Which Antibiotic will you select to treat  respiratory infection?  The results of the sputum culture are pending. What do you expect the results to be? What is the rationale, if any, for ordering sputum culture?   Answer 

12. How do you manage his respiratory failure?.  Answer

13. When will you consider the patient for Lung reduction Surgery?  

14. Is he a transplant candidate?  


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