Evaluation and Grading


Patient Centered Medicine 1 is a "Pass/Fail" course. To pass, each student must pass ALL of the following:

  1. Two multiple choice exams with an average ≥ 70%
  2. Final OSCE ≥ 95%
  3. Final Standardized Patient Encounter (facilitator evaluation)
  4. Small Group Facilitator Evaluation

Competency Evaluation

In addition to the above, all students are evaluated according to competencies defined by the Stritch School of Medicine:

  1. Medical Knowledge
  2. Patient Care
  3. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  4. Practice Based Learning and Improvement
  5. Professionalism
  6. Personal and Professional Development

These competencies are evaluated as follows: "Meets Expectations", "Meets Expectations with Concerns", "Does Not Meet Expectations".

Scoring less than 75% on the aggregate multiple choice question exams will trigger a "Meets Expectations with Concerns" in Medical Knowledge. Levels of "Meets Expectations with Concerns" are forwarded to the Academic Review and Intervention Committee (ARIC). These will not indicate a course failure.

Levels of "Does Not Meet Expectations" correspond to failure of the course.

Meeting the level set as competent in each of the six competencies above will mean passing the course. A grade of "P++" (Pass in a pass/fail course) will appear on your transcript.

Remediation Policy

If a student fails a final component of the course, (multiple choice exam Average, OSCE, standardized patient encounter or small group facilitator evaluation), (s)he will fail the course. Likewise, if a student earns "Does Not Meet Expectations" on the year-end competency evaluation, (s)he will fail the course. According to the SSOM Academic Policy Manual, the student will be given an opportunity to remediate the component after the course has ended. If the student successfully completes this remediation, the student will earn a grade of "P*" (remediated pass). If the remediation process is failed, the student will need to repeat the course in its entirety.