Student Evaluation: Grading, Attendance Policy, Written Reflection Requirements

The course is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Students must meet the minimal requirements in each of the following five required components
evaluated in order to successfully pass the course.

 1.       Attendance
            Attend all PCM-3 sessions. To pass the course, no more than two EXCUSED absences are allowed. A formal request for an absence from
            any required PCM-3 session must be submitted to the Course Directors and the Office of Student Affairs at least 30 days in advance of the
            scheduled session. Prior permission from the Student Affairs Deans and Course Directors must be obtained. When permission from   
            the Office of Student Affairs has been granted, students must immediately inform the Course Directors, their facilitators (for small group
            absences only), and the PCM-3 coordinator, Kelly Larkin (
), of the excused absence. To help students remain in the
            habit of reflecting, if a small group session is missed, students must write a two-page Reflection Paper describing their recent clerkship
            rotation experiences. It must be uploaded in Sakai under the assignments menu tab and emailed to their facilitators prior to the next PCM3
            day. Students with an excused absence, that cannot be present at their reflection small group session, have the option to "Skype" or
            "FaceTime" into the small group through one of their peer's tablets or smart phones so that they may still participate in the small group
            experience. This option is only for those students with an excused absence. In this case, the reflection paper is no longer required.
            Lastly, students are required to view the online video recordings of the lectures missed as well as responsible for the material from any
            missed sessions.

2.       Clinical Skills for 3rd Year Program
            Attend all required sessions. Complete all assignments by 5:00 pm of the last day of the program.

 3.       Essay
            Complete and submit an essay on Spiritual Care and the Death of a Patient by 4:00 pm, April 11, 2018. For instructions, click:

4.       PCM-1 Course Student Mentor Program
            For satisfactory M3 participation in the PCM-1 Course Student Mentor Program, the following are required:

Complete and sign Student Mentor Agreement Form. M1 mentees will bring this to the lunch after the September PCM-3 session.
Meet with M1 mentee(s) for one encounter during Semester 1 and two encounters during Semester 2.
Log all three M1 meetings in myLog in myLumen:

M1s will evaluate M3's performance as a mentor when completing their PCM-1 biannual online course evaluation.

 5.       Final Exam
            Successfully complete the final comprehensive, competency-based online open-book exam named, Final PCM3 Exam:
a. Accessible in Sakai from 5 pm on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 until 5 pm on Thursday, June 21, 2018
Can be completed individually or in groups within a two-hour timeframe
            c. Two attempts
granted to score at least 80%

        Students who do not pass the final exam as specified above will receive a final course grade of F and must pass a make-up       
        examination to pass the course. An F course grade successfully remediated by passing the make-up examination can only be
        converted to a P* grade. The P* grade is defined on the Stritch transcript key as a Remediated Pass.

A single F grade not successfully remediated by passing a make-up examination requires repetition of the entire course.