Intent of Program

Normal Growth Hormone Secretion and Control

Etiology of Acromegaly

Growth Hormone Secreting Tumor of Pituitary Gland

Ectopic Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Secreting Tumor

Mutant Activation of Gsa Causing Pituitary Adenoma or Hyperplasia

Mass Effect of Tumor

Pituitary Macroadenoma

Gigantism or Acromegaly


Presenting Feature in Acromegaly*

Superficial Soft Tissue Enlargement

Acromegaly due to Pituitary Tumor

Thick Heel Pad in Acromegaly

Skeletal Enlargement

Coarse Facies due to Bone Overgrowth in Acromegaly

Enlarged Sinuses in Acromegaly

Hands in Acromegaly

Hand in Acromegaly

Overgrowth of Vertebrae in Acromegaly

Degenerative Arthritis in Acromegaly

Effects of Growth Hormone and IGF-I on Cartilage and Bone

Arthritis in Acromegaly

Cardiovascular Involvement

Miscellaneous Clinical Features

Acanthosis Nigricans in Acromegaly

Controversy About Frequency of Neoplasia in Acromegaly

Basic Method of Diagnosing Acromegaly

Sophisticated Method of Diagnosing Acromegaly

Treatment of Acromegaly

Transphenoidal Surgery

Transphenoidal Surgery - Criteria for Cure*